repanning-recenter stereo


i have got an stereo audiofile recorded from a conference.
The stereo panning of this mp3 file is nagging.
That means left voices are extremely left (right signal very low)
and right voices are extremely right (left signal is very low).
On a left speaker i just hear the voice on my left ear and vice versa.

Is there a way to put all talkers more in stereo center without
loosing the left-rigt character ?

I assume i want to to something like repanning or recenter stereo
with audacity on a few hours mp3 stereo file.

regards wally

There is no “half create mono” that I know of, but you can actually create a mono version, put that on its own track and then fade between the original two and the mono, stopping when you get to what you want. I can think of a number of ways this can get screwed up, but its worth a shot.

Theory also has me creating a matrix change. Instead of L and R, there may be a tool that can create L+R and L-R, like stereo FM uses. The L-R signal is also known as the separation signal. Reduce to zero and the signal turns to mono. Leave alone and the presentation is full stereo. Fade to intermediate values as needed and then convert back to L and R.


Use the little black arrow on the track information box (left end of the track) to get a drop down menu.
From the menu, split the stereo track.
Use the drop down menu for each of these tracks and set them both to mono.
Adjust the volume and pan positions of each track to suit your preference.
Now Export to get a new stereo track.

Thanks for this informations.

Everything seems easy and clear except:
… and pan positions of each track …

i got the messagebox:
Error - your selected audio is mono,
it needs to be stereo to be panned.
LFO Panning effect has not been applied.

regs wally

Use the “pan slider” and the “volume slider” that are in the track information box.