Repairing dropouts

Hi - I wonder if anyone can help me with this…

I am in the process of authoring a video of organ music on DVD. The source is from a satellite TV program and has several short dropouts in the source (2000 samples or so long). I’ve demuxed the audio and brought it in to Audacity 1.3 to repair. I have tried the two techniques in the Wiki page suggesting either to mark/lock/timeshift/copy/reset/paste or mark/label/select another region/reselect label/paste. Both techniques fill the gap perfectly in one sense, but because the material is loud organ music I reintroduce another click. It seems impossible (or very hit and miss) to select identical regions with zero points to eliminate the new click introduced. Of course if this were just an audio track I could snip the dropouts out, but because it’s with video I would lose sync doing that.

Is there anything else I can do? Any help most gratefully received.

Many thanks


You could try applying a short cross-fade from the original, to the track with the “patch” and back again.
Probably easier to do in Audacity 1.3.6 than the 1.2 version.