Repairing Audio Track

I’m trying to repair the audio track of a 1hr video file.
The track had several 10-20ms silent gaps occuring every few seconds, which I removed by amplifying and then setting the truncate silence.
Now the audio track is about 4 minutes shorter than the video so now I’m faced with trying to sync the audio and video.
Wondering what would be the best method of achieving this- A simple a/v sync would not work here as the gaps have been removed throughout the audio track.

A simple a/v sync would not work here as the gaps have been removed throughout the audio track.

How about a simple reshoot? Having tiny gaps in the audio all over the show is no different from having the microphone fail four minutes before the end of the show. There’s portions of the show sound that just don’t exist any more.

There’s no Audacity filter or effect that can make up four minutes of guitar solo or a vocal performance.

I suspect the best you can do is find all those original gaps and carefully duplicate the sound just before and after and fill the hole with that rather than delete the hole.

You’ll need to match the wave zero crossing points to keep the edit from popping and clicking after you correct it.

Did you shoot this?


It is a video from an old tv show that is hard to find anymore. This is what motivates me to do the work.

My best guess is that the encoder used poor cpu management resulting in the gaps.

While some of the gaps are, as you suggested, missing sound, the majority of them are simply silence between the sound and truncating these works quite well in ‘repairing’ the track.

I suppose what I’m looking for is a way to stretch the audio from 56 minutes to 60 minutes. Of course, I understand that I will probably have to do this for every 2-5 minutes of the video to keep the audio in sync.

Just wondering if this is possible at all.

Thank you for the reply. It is greatly appreciated.

Effect > Change Speed,
Effect > Change Tempo
Effect > Change Pitch

Yes, that will be a juggling act.



Thank you!