Repair this loud track


How i can repair this track? there are any other option to repair the loud problem?


Try searching for “clipfix” in this forum, e.g. …

The ClipFix effect is the right tool for the job, but the distortion (clipping) looks very severe so I’ll be surprised if even ClipFix is able to make much improvement.

The problem is that both the top and bottom of the waveform have been “clipped” off, so the audio information that should be there is missing, and all that ClipFix can do is to attempt to guess at what the waveform should look like. With so much of the waveform cut off, ClipFix has a near impossible job to guess with any degree of accuracy what the waveform should look like.

Ok, thanks! i repaired the track with this:

1.) ran “find clipping”
now i have a separate track that shows where the clipping is and do not need to rely on the red lines.
2.) amplified by -5 dB
3.) zoomed into each area marked by the clipping track
4.) selected a few tenths or hundredths of seconds around where the clipping occurred in each clip
5.) ran clipfix at 95% on the selection
6.) zoomed out and moved on to next clipped area, repeated until all clipped areas had been fixed

It sounds really good