Repair Channel plug-in

As this has recently come up in the forum, here’s an experimental plug-in for repairing one channel.
It could probably do with a bit of refinement, particularly a bit more “help” included, but it is fully functional.
Until I get time to do that, feel free to experiment with it and post any suggestions, questions or feedback here.

[See next post for updated plug-in]

Updated version of Repair Channel plug-in.

Bug fixes in this version:
Changed envelope sample rate to avoid possible clicks at end of selection.
Add checking for low sample rate and invalid fade time.

Other changes:
Header updated to conform to preferred conventions.
Stereo Simulation given its own control.
Reworded description and instructions.
Reworded Error messages.
Tidied up code formatting.
Pseudo stereo components now local variables.
repair_channel.ny (4.27 KB)

For latest version of this plug-in, please download from the Audacity wiki: