Repair at beginning and end of selection

I am editing together an ensemble piece from a group of friends, all of whom have sent me recordings. As would be expected, there are multiple small errors that I am correcting (slight pitch adjustments, slight note length adjustments, etc…). Every time that I make an adjustment I use the repair effect to remove any small clicks at the beginning and the end of the adjustment. I have gotten pretty fast at this process, but I am wondering if there is any way to automate this part of things.
So ideally, I could select 0.5 seconds (or whatever length) of a recording that is slightly flat, adjust the pitch, and the repairs at either end of the adjusted pitch would be done automatically. This would save immeasurable amounts of time.

Some of the small clicks can possibly be avoided by:

  1. Use the “Normalize” effect on each imported file to remove “DC offset” (Normalize - Audacity Manual)
    Do this as the first process on each import.
    More information about DC Offset:

  2. When applying effects, try to start and end the selection at silences.
    If there is no nearby silence, select from / to the onset of a sound.

Thank you! Unfortunately there are few silences- it’s all string instruments, and there are few pauses. I actually find the repair function pretty easy to use, I just see that I am doing the same repair (roughly 20 dots before and after each end of the selection, and wish I could automate it somehow. It may not be possible.