Reopen Noise Removal

This is a copy/paste from another posting.

  1. when I want to do noise removal, the window asks me to select the section of noise. when I click on get noise profile, the window closes and then I have to open the noise removal window again. Is that the way it is supposed to work?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s desirable.


Adobe Audition has a nice feature in their Noise reduction effect - after grabbing the noise profile the window stays open and you can click on a button to “Select all of track”. This allows both stages of Noise Reduction to be performed without having to close/reopen the effect.

Audacity has the ability to “Repeat Last Effect”, but I would like the facility to “Recall Last Effect”.
(Perhaps Ctrl+SHIFT+R).
When using Noise reduction, one could then recall the Noise reduction effect in order to apply it without having to go through the full list of effects to find it.

Recall Last Effect” would also be useful in many other situations - for example, you apply Equalization, but on listening back you decide that it is not quite right, so you Ctrl+Z to undo then “Recall Last Effect” and make a slight change to the setting and apply again.
I think this would be really useful for many effects where it is not always easy to get the optimum settings just from the “Preview” (and “Preview” is not available for Nyquist effects).