Renaming vst in cfg file

In previous Audacity versions I could just put in a different “name” for the vst listed in the cfg file and it would show up that way under the drop-down list when running the program. Now the cfg file just resets even if I save it. Any clue?

PluginPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\Plug-Ins


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You can do what is described at Reorganising VST effects in menu [SOLVED] - #4 by Gale_Andrews If you rescan plugins, your custom names will be discarded.

If you wait for the next 2.1.0 version of Audacity towards the end of the month, you can display effects in various ways. You can display sorted as “name”, “publisher and name” or “type and name”. If you can’t wait, try 2.1.0-alpha:


I did this, I was the one who posted that topic… and it worked fine until I updated to the newest version.
If the cfg file resets every time you scan the vst folder then I guess I’m just out of luck.

Putting this another way: we can’t see your machine, we can’t see what you are doing, and if you refuse to provide basic information about your setup we are unable to help you.

I already said it did that.

Try 2.1.0-alpha or wait for 2.1.0 release. It will still overwrite local hacks you make to plugin configuration files if you do a rescan, but you can add a new plugin and have it recognised on restarting Audacity without the need for a complete rescan.

Exactly how do you want the VST effect to display in Audacity? Write out an example.