Renaming clip does not work

I have a bizarre problem: renaming clips work in some files but doesn’t in others. Even when I select a clip and choose from the menu Rename clip… it doesn’t work. But in other cases pressing Ctrl+F2 works perfectly. I wonder if anyone else encountered this problem. I’ve got Audacity 3.2.0 installed on Ubuntu 22.10.

You could try Audacity 3.2.3. It’s available here:

This is a know and logged, but still open and unfixed, issue

Can’t rename clips #3704


Well remembered.

That thread also has a workaround from David Bailes:

In the Track behaviors section of preferences, set “use dialog for the name of a new label”.

Thanks a lot! I thought there was a walkaround I used before. I have reinstalled Ubuntu recently and forgot about this option.