Renaming a macro?

In Windows10 Audacity 2.4.2 I’ve created a macro (Basic1) from which I’d like to derive a second macro (Basic2) without losing the original. I’d like to do so by opening Basic1, making a small tweak (here, deleting one of the steps), and saving the modified version as Basic2 without losing the original version of Basic1. But I can’t see how to do so. Tools>Macros opens the Manage Macros window that allows editing an existing macro (adding/deleting steps or changing parameters in a given step) but I don’t see how to save the edited version under a new name.

Is renaming a macro possible in v2.4.2 and if so how?

It’s a bit tricky to do in that old version. The easiest way is to locate the macro .TXT file in the Audacity settings folders, make a copy of it, and rename the copy with the name of the new macro.
Details for the 2.4.2 version will be in the 2.4.2 manual (Open the manual from the Audacity “Help” menu, then search the front page for the word “Macro”, and follow the links).

In the current Audacity 3.0.2 it’s dead easy. Just export the macro, saving it with the name that you want for the NEW macro, then import it.
See here for details of the 3.0.2 version: Macro Manager - Audacity Manual

Thanks. I read the 2.4.2’s manual instructions for macros but it doesn’t address the workaround (.txt file operations external to Audacity) that you describe. I’ll give it a try.