Rename keypress Ctrl+f2 just changes my computer volume

Is there a way I can reassign that key shortcut. Do other Audacity users use the rename function a lot? I seem to use it a lot, I hope I’m working “smarter not harder”. - KA :nerd:

Yes. See:

I never use that shortcut. I just double click on the name if I need to change it, but mostly I ignore clip names.

wow. I was WAY overthinking it. double click on name. doh!! thanks steve, I appreciate your help. :smiley:

It’s only easy when you know how … :sunglasses:

But it was intended by the developers for that to be “discoverable” - falls a bit short I can’t help thinking.


And this made me look at the manual and I realized that it didn’t tell you that so I added:

*You can rename the track by double clicking in it and then editing the name

to this page in the alpha Manual for the upcoming Audacity 3.2.0

Thanks for the “nudge” :slight_smile:


Perhaps it should also carry a conspicuous Warning for Linux users. “Ctrl + F2” is a common global shortcut for switching between virtual desktops (notably for KDE and xfce Desktop managers). For an inexperienced user it could be very alarming to see all open applications disappearing unexpectedly.

Personally I think that cross-platform apps should avoid using F keys as default shortcuts as they are so commonly used by the Desktop.

Personally I 110% agree with you :sunglasses: :nerd: :ugeek:

Not least because on most of the laptops I have and have had the Function keys are often subject to requiring shift-modified button pressing - thereby adding yet another awkward button to press with a multi-key shortcut involving a Function key

But that horse fled the stable a loooong time ago …