Rename all kind of files and medias

Hello guys [and girls]. I made this software and its free. Im putting it in several downloads centers and they are running tests on it now!

It’s start at portuguese but you can change to english! By the way, my gramatic its not 100%, so im asking my friend to help me… it’s like 50% done, but its not that bad! [=

With Rename (or Renomeia in portuguese) you can rename the files name with a lot of options like:

Remove _
Change characters: Ex.: every - for _
Change CAPS
Put sequencied numbers in files

And a lot more!

Don’t need to be instaled, and can be executed from a pendrive and etcs…
You just need to carry the exe.

It renames jpgs, mp3, and any kind of files.

Well, thats all!

I acept any kind of opinion.
C ya!