Removing vocals from utube downloads

I’m 82 yrs old and have been playing Music since the age of 15. I’ve covered big band, country, opera in collage, German/ Chez polka Music, Church Choir.
I’m at present in stage 3 kidney failure. I would like to make cd’s for my family to keep and hold on to after I’m gone.
How do you get rid of entire vocals on recorded tracts? I’m trying to get the vocal off of Charlie Prides Crystal Chandelier and can not get it gone? I’ve copied the tract from computer to audacity?
I could sure use some help.

You can try Vocal Removal and Isolation.

If the vocals are perfectly centered (identical and in-phase in the left & right channels) it can remove them completely but it removes everything in the center by subtracting left from right. (There are filters so you can keep centered bass and high frequencies.)

You might look for a Karaoke or MIDI file. MIDI is computer-generated music with virtual instruments (or the computer can play a MIDI keyboard, etc.). I call it, “sheet music for computers.” So there are no vocals/lyrics (but there can be “vocalization”.)

Audacity isn’t a MID application but your computer can play MIDI files and you can record them with Audacity, and then add your vocals.

In some cases completely removing the voice is not possible,
because they have used stereo reverb on the vocal.

You need a Karaoke version of Crystal Chandeliers, e.g.

NB: I have never used this company: I am not vouching for them, they want ~$3 for the backing track.

doesn’t sound too different from the original. thanks

I did notice they offer the backing tracks in different keys.
(shifting the key can make the backing singers sound weird though).

Here is how I do it…
Go to
This is an artificial intelligence site that separates vocals from the rest of the band…
It costs me $0.34 for each track I do…

Download the opened up track and then open the track in Audacity…

Here you can manupulate the wave louder or softer or pull out only the vocals…

Good luck…!!!

I did a search on google and seems there are quite a few backing tracks for this song:

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