Removing Vocals From Song File

I have followed the instructions as outlined in the FAQ section but it did not totally remove the vocals.I say totally as they have been faded but are more pronounced during parts of the song.My audacity ver. 2.0.0 my OS Vista.Where could I have went wrong?

You didn’t do anything wrong. Note that the FAQ says:

This is only possible for > certain stereo tracks> . When the vocals are > exactly the same on both stereo channels> , you can remove them by “subtracting” one channel from the other. This works for many studio recordings, where the vocal track is mixed exactly in the center.

In other words, the song you are trying to remove the vocal from is not a good candidate for this procedure.

– Bill

Bill thx for the prompt reply.I know now that the removal is as good as can be expected for that music file.