removing vocals from an mp3 file

I’m trying to remove vocals from a song. I went on youtube and followed several tutorials. After I finish I have removed all of the sound period. I am beginning to thing it may be the file that is preventing removing vocals. Is that possible? Can anyone tell me what may be wrong? I’m running Vista Home addition!
Thanks b.clarksn

If it’s a mono (not stereo) sound file or if the file is two tracks with the same thing on both tracks (technically, two-track mono), then yes, vocal removal will remove everything. There’s a long list of ways that Vocal Removal will fail. It hates highly compressed MP3 and other file formats, so anything you’re likely to download is also likely to not work.

Audacity has a packaged tool for this. Effect > Vocal Remover in Audacity 2.1.2. It does all the splitting and flipping and adding for you.

The YouTube classes are misleading. If you got exactly the same song they had in exactly the same quality, then yours would work, too. So all they did was prove it works on one song.


Thank you Kozikowski for the fast reply. I think you are right, the file may be compressed. Is there anyway to undo that? I pulled the song out of a video and it was originally mmvm or something like that. I had to rename it mp3. Anyway thanks again for your input, it will help in future.

Windows Media? WMV? Anything you’re likely to download has already been squashed and compressed (damaged), whether it’s Flash, Windows Media, MP3 or Quicktime.

Compression changes the song or performance so the file takes up less room. There’s nothing to fix and there’s nothing to go back to. The show you have now is different from the original. That’s how most compression works.

Sometimes the compression changes the character of the lead singer and that shoots vocal removal right in the head. Sometimes, the original song would never have worked right.

I switch in Vocal Removal at about 8 seconds.

When you get a candidate for vocal removal, use Effect > Vocal Removal instead of the YouTube instructions. Ours is faster and does the same thing.