Removing Vocals from A Track - Is This possible??

Hi All,

I am a complete Newbie, so please be gentle with me! :laughing:

I am trying to do the above but can’t seem to even split the tracks, to invert the bottom one when I try it highlights the both of them… the original recording is supposed to be in 4 track stereo (its from a film) but only two tracks are visible and look identical. I tried using the Vocal Remover but it had no effect, just made the music sound whiney and underwater and the vocals still there…

I also tried converting it to mono but that had no effect and sounded exactly same as the original recording, I am at a total loss here, I have tried to find a decent instrumental of the song, but it just does not exist. I plan to sing at a One Woman Show I am performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year so at least I have lots time sort this as it’s not till August!)

Any help/advice you can give - will be much appreciated!


Yes/No/maybe. Pick your answer. :mrgreen:

It depends on the track an will never be perfect. It could be useful for training.

If the vocal is perfectly centered in the middle and the song has a lot of stereo effect, it will work.

If the singer isn’t in the middle, or the vocal had been run through some stereo effect and the rest of the song contains a lot of mono music, it’s impossible.

It’s simple to try. Import the song into Audacity and run the vocal remover effect. You don’t need to split tracks, a “normal” stereo track is fine.

Vocal removal is all of those individual YouTube steps (split, invert…) rolled into one convenient tool.