Removing vibrato from old cassette tape recordings

Using Audacity 2.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate. Can’t remember whether from exe installer or zip.

I’m “rescuing” some 20-year old cassette tapes by transferring them to .mp3 format. Audacity has been astoundingly successful in removing the hiss. Some of the recordings are spoiled by a moderate degree of vibrato distortion which is particularly noticeable with piano and guitar notes but not with spoken word. I suspect that the tape speed control on the recorder was poor and that this caused the vibrato. I’m now wondering whether Audacity can do its magic on this and remove it.

Any suggestions ?

We can wait for some of the other elves, but I’m guessing no. Unlike noise and hum, there isn’t a sample distortion for Audacity to chew on and figure out what to do. Koz

Thanks for this.

I see at that there are approaches to this which exploit a pilot or “clock” tone that FM broadcasts include but the software mentioned is for Winamp and not Audacity. There is also a tool called Capstan (see ) which costs $4,458 (see

Thanks for posting the thread links.

Interesting that the Winamp plug-in “Tape Restore Live” claims to have a filter approximating to Dolby B removal.