removing talking from music recording

Does anyone know if there is a frequency range that you can adjust the vocal removal tool to that will remove unwanted jibber jabber from an music recording? I don’t want to remove the singing vocal - just the talking noise at the beginning of the song? I have already cut the talking out of the very beginning, but unfortunately, the mic picked up people talking as the intro music started playing. How can I get rid of that?

Sorry, no.

The frequency ranges of talking, singing, and musical instruments all overlap.

All real-world sounds consist of many frequencies. There are harmonics and overtones that make different voices sound different when singing the same notes, and it’s the harmonics & overtones that make a guitar and a trumpet sound different when playing the same note. The end result is that most voices & music cover most of the frequency range except for deep bass and the high-highs.

“You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg, and you can’t un-mix a recording”.

Pros record multi-track with each voice & instrument on a separate track. That way, they can adjust, edit, delete, or replace any track without affecting the other tracks. That wouldn’t be necessary if the sounds could be separated.

No. You’re stuck. We can’t split two voices apart in the same show. Vocal Removal works on a store-bought stereo song by deleting anything in the left-right center of the song. Usually, that’s the lead singer.

So it doesn’t “know” what a singer is. The tool doesn’t work at all on a mono sound shoot where there is no middle.

These are the tones for one single piano note.

Frequencies listed along the bottom. It’s not one or two frequencies, and most instruments and voices look like that.