Removing strong peaking sounds from recording


I’ve been using Audacity to remove background noises from recordings I do during medical studies (of lectures). Works great!

However, once a week we study in a class with metal tables, and as a result the recording is filled with very strong noises every some time (whenever someone kicks the tables or w/e).
I’m trying to limit the volume of the recording, so it will never go above the level of the professor’s voice, but I can’t find how to do it…
Would appreciate help


You could try the “PopMute” plug-in available here:
Instructions to install:

Please note that software like this doesn’t “know” what a pop is. It gets a signal from a rapidly increasing sound signal and turns off the channel. It may or may not know when to turn it back on. It’s not going to “reveal” the doctor’s voice. There will be an empty hole during the pop.

This is a “Help Me Clean Up” posting. People rarely walk away from these with a good show no matter how it’s filtered.

And yes, this is a Sound Shoot From Hell. I’d be putting radio microphones on each doctor’s chest, and even then I might not walk away with a good show.


The other depressing way to look at this is the metal table is a performer in the show. “Today featuring three doctors and a stainless-steel table.”