Removing specific waveform from an audio

Hey, I got sent a video clip with 2 tracks of audio layered into the final one. I have the original that was layered on top by accident, is there a way for me to import the original into audacity, and have that waveform removed from the blended one? Seems like i’d have just the new audio remaining.

Give it a shot. Import the blend and then import the single track. They will appear one above the other and play at the same time.

Select the single by clicking just above MUTE on that track.

Effect > Invert

In the unlikely event that the two tracks match and they are correct in time, the single and the single in the blend should cancel.

What’s probably going to happen is nothing, or an imperfect cancellation. If both tracks are MP3 or other compressed format, then they both have compression distortion and cancellation will be almost impossible.

If you only have a timing difference (one track before the other), you can fix that with the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) and shift the single track sooner and later until it matches.

If it still doesn’t quite cancel, it may be a volume problem. Adjust the volume slider to the left of the single track.

If both tracks are MP3, I’m expecting low volume duck voices and that’s the best you can do. I doubt you’re ever going to produce an entertainment quality clip.

If the very best you can do is make it louder, then select the single track and Effect > Invert again. There’s no guarantee that both tracks are “right-side up.”


Inverting worked perfectly, thanks so much. It was a lecture, just needed to make out the words, and I can hear everything clearly now.