Removing Part of Audio in One Track - Need Help

Hi, I have a single audio track where people are talking, but there’s also the sound of a river running in the background of their conversation while they’re speaking. Is there anyway I can delete the sound of the river without cutting out the people’s audio?

I recognize that the sounds overlap and it’s one track, but was hoping if there were any advanced trips on how to do this. Thanks so much!

No, you will almost certainly not completely remove the river assuming you mean this is a mono track. If you are really lucky you many find that Noise Reduction with the Noise Profile set to the river helps a little.

For more detailed analysis you could look in Spectrogram View at the frequency range of the voices. The voices may have a narrow range. You may be able to boost the amplitude of that range without making the river much louder, by using the Spectral editing tools or Equalization.

If it is a stereo track you could try Vocal Reduction and Isolation.

You may just make it worse, whatever you do.