Removing overdriven microphone noise

I recently recorded a concert with an HD Handycam and found out too late that the bass had overdriven the mic during recording. So I have regular pulsing static throughout that I wish to remove. I extracted the audio and sample of the wav file is attached. I would like to optimize this file by removing the pulsing static and bring up the vocals if possible. I’m clearly not strong in this area and would like some guidance on how to rectify this problem.

The wav you posted seems to be compressed. Not a problem, just unusual.

I think there is so little usable audio left that cleaning this up would be a next-to-impossible task, sorry.

Maybe the import of the file into Audacity didn’t go well? Camera’s can have strange audio, sometimes.

You overloaded the camera’s microphone. That’s where the crunchy sound is coming from. The camera’s Auto Gain Control tried to “fix it” after it was already destroyed and that’s where the low level is coming from.

The recording is permanently trashed.

The grownups use special external microphones, attenuator networks and preamps when they have to record a concert.

Some camera and recording systems do manage to survive, but they crash because of the guy next to you yelling and clapping.

This isn’t easy.

I did manage to walk away with a really bad and not completely destroyed recording once by using my video camera and a separate USB Stick audio recorder for the sound. I wasn’t expecting to get anything useable (the camera sound was garbage) but it surprised me…a little.


Thanks for your input. Sadly that is the only audio capture of an extraordinary show since the soundman failed to connect the audio recorder. Still hoping for a miracle solution. I tinkered with some of the filters in Audacity with only some improvement. The crackle has some consistency so I’m still looking and hoping.

Good luck. It’s not unusual for continued patching to turn sound damage into different sound damage without ever improving anything.