Removing or hiding Vocals

I have Windows 10 and I have Audacity 2.2.2. I am trying to remove or hide vocals from a few songs and I cant figure out how. Can some one please help me?

If they’re mono, or two-track mono (two blue waves but the same thing on both), you don’t. All the vocal tricks work from a good or perfect quality stereo performance.

There’s a long list of reasons the vocal tools may not work, or they work but the music they leave behind is damaged.

People point to YouTube submissions where somebody got a perfect karaoke track out of a song. The error is assuming all songs work like that. If you started out with the same song they did in exactly the same quality, yours would work, too.

Most times people start looking for published karaoke tracks. If you have access to the studio multi-track recordings, this works a lot better.


2.2.2 does not exist so I hope that is a typo. :wink:


In what way “remove or hide”? Do you want to “bleep out” some words, or are you trying to make a karaoke track, or do something else?

In my case, I would love to be able to completely remove the ‘vocals’. I have a couple of Death Metal tracks that have fantastic music, but are covered in places with that horrific ‘growl’ they use. Unfortunately, I can’t find instrumental versions either. I tried some of the posted ‘tricks’ and the music ended up distorted.

Nux Vomica’s “Reeling” is one example.

I doubt that is possible.