Removing old recordings

How do you remove any recording that you don’t want?


Audacity resets itself every time you restart it. If you have a WAV, MP3 or other simple sound file, drag it to the trash can. Also, Control-Click on it and ‘Move To Trash’. Right-Click if you have a large mouse.

If you saved an Audacity Project, you need to trash two things, the AUP file and the _DATA folder of the same name.

I think that’s it.


I’m a new user. What is the best, quickest way to understand the basic workings of audacity without having to spend hours consulting a manual? All I’m trying to do is to see how to save old recordings or delete them and how to make new ones.

Koz answered your question about deleting files.

If you do not want to read the Manual, please use more words to ask your questions. Do you mean you have old Audacity recordings saved as AUP project files? Or you have old MP3 or WAV files on the computer? Or you have old tapes or old vinyl records?

If you want to save AUP files or MP3/WAV so Windows Media Player can use them, you have to use File > Export in Audacity.

We can’t tell you how to record something unless you tell us what the source you want to record is. Do you want to record yourself singing? Do you want to record a cassette tape? Do you want to record a song playing in Internet Explorer?


It is very simple. I just downloaded audacity and want to use it. I push the record button and record myself. When I stop it I: (1) want to know how to save what I just recorded if that is my desire or (2) how to discard what I just recorded if I don’t want it.

To Save the Audacity Project: “File menu > Save Project”
Note that an Audacity Project is not a normal audio file and can only be opened in Audacity.
To create a normal audio file: "File menu > “Export”
More information about exporting files here:

If you don’t want the track that you have just recorded, you can “undo” the recording with:
“Edit menu > Undo Record”
Or you can delete the track by clicking the [X] in the top left corner of the track.
Or you can just close Audacity.

You will probably find it useful to reed the “Getting Started” items in the manual: