Removing Noise

Hi all,

I currently use a xenyx 1002fx which connects to an iMic Griffin in/out usb to my laptop. When I record, I have to turn up the level and gain really high to get decent audio to -10 or -6.

But with that I get a lot of noise. What is the best way to get higher audio levels without having to turn up gain and level really high and also remove the noise? I have a Rode Procaster connected to the Xenyx.

Would I need a compressor?

Doing the editing in Audacity only really amplifies the noise.

I’m not a fan of the Griffin iMic. You are supposed to be able to switch it from microphone to line. Mine did both badly. It’s in the garage.

But that may not be the only problem. Forget the computer for a while. Can you make the mixer happy? Can you get the two zero green lights to come on above the master fader?

There’s three different places to do that (attached-click on the graphic). Your mixer is a slightly fancier version of mine. Make sure all the other sound channels are turned down so they don’t contribute noise.

Plug your headphones into the mixer and turn the headphone volume up. Do you hear hum or hiss?

Are you an old hand at running the mixer?


Oh. The Procaster is a dynamic (moving coil) microphone. That means it might be a little quieter than some amplified microphones, but nothing you can’t handle with the mixer.

It’s an end-fire microphone. You talk into the end of it, not the side. It looks like other aside-fire microphones, but it’s not.

Also, make sure your 48 volt Phantom Power is switched off. This microphone doesn’t need it.

If you’re able to get good quiet, crisp sound at the headphone connection, then the shortcoming is probably the iMic.

This is my mixer connected to a Behringer UCA-202. I use the Tape-Out connection.