removing noise from a recording

I have this recording of someone speaking in class

the recording I have is pretty good.
but the presenter is tapping his pen on the table , creating a really annoying tapping noise.

is there a way to reduce or get rid of this tapping noise completely?

any tips or tutorial would be perfect

thank you

If the noise is louder than the show, you have two options. You can do it manually where you zoom into each blue wave pen sound (it will stick up), drag-select it and mute it with Control-L. Or you can go to a Nyquist plug-in and try to do it automatically.

This plugin tries to identify all sounds above a certain level and mute them. The obvious application is removing cat hairs from vinyl records, but it might work for this, too.

If the speaker is at all dynamic in presentation, you could lose some words, too.
Scroll down to “Installing Plugins.”


If you are the adventurous sort, you could try Effect > Noise Removal, too. That might need a little bit of editing on your part.

Cut the presentation (temporarily, make a backup copy of the show) until you have several of these clunks by themselves on the timeline. Drag-select them and use them as the Noise Profile step in Effect > Noise Removal.

Then apply Noise removal to the unedited copy of the show.

Noise Removal is something of a violin. It takes careful application and tuning, but if your moons and stars line up, the clunk sounds should go way down without making the voice too weird.