Removing multiple labels in Edit Labels

Using 2.0.0 under Windows XP.

I’m in Tracks->Edit Labels.
If I select more than one label (using Ctrl-Click in Label col) and click Remove, only the first selected label is removed.

Thanks, I’ve corrected the Manual . Edit Labels and labels generally don’t support multiple label selection. It’s a Feature Request if you want to add your vote for it.


Multiple (sequential) labels can be removed from the label track by selecting the labels (in the label track) and using “Split Delete” -
“Edit menu > Remove Audio > Split Delete” (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+K)

True, but that’s just selecting a region over the labels. If you do that (with the selection only in the label track), you only need to press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the labels inside that region. You can also select over part of a region label, press Delete and so contract the label.

You still cannot select multiple labels (excluding the space between them) and perform an action on them. To partially address this, you can select over region labels then use Edit > Labeled Regions to perform an action only on the audio relating to those regions. However it’s very likely we’ll rip that out when we properly support multiple label selection.


I just learned about that while browsing the forum to see if my post was redundant with some else’s. Trouble is (1) if there are labels to be kept among the ones to be deleted, that method can’t be used, and (2) if the labels to be deleted are far apart, you have to zoom out first because tabbing from label to label would change the selection. When zoomed out, it’s easy to get confused looking at labels as they tend to get stacked up vertically.

I didn’t even know I had voting rights!
+1 on multiple label selection in Edit Labels. Do I have to go to another page to register my vote?

Anyone can vote for a new or enhanced feature by posting to the Adding Features to Audacity Board. You can vote directly on Wiki Feature Requests but this requires a Wiki account and it isn’t easy to edit the Feature Requests page unless you know exactly what you are doing with Wiki markup and HTML bullets. :slight_smile:



I know that it’s not a “solution”, I just mentioned it as a possible workaround for certain situations. :slight_smile: