Removing muffled bass sound

My friends band recorded there show the other night and when we listen to it there is a deep bass muffle sound happening. Is there a filter to remove this with Audacity?

Select the whole show by clicking just above MUTE (track turns gray).
Effect > High Pass Filter.
Rolloff 12dB, Cutoff 100Hz.

Start with 100Hz cutoff. If that’s not enough, UNDO and change it to 150Hz and listen to that. Keep UNDOing and redoing increasing the frequency until most of it’s gone. You may get stuck with almost no bass if you do this. UNDO the last application and redo it with smaller Rolloff value, say 6 or 3. That will get rid of the bass more gently.

You may need to adjust the overall volume after you get rid of the boom. Bass notes take up a lot of room.

– Select the whole clip or show by clicking just above MUTE.
– Effect > Normalize: [X]Remove DC, [X]Normalize to -1 > OK

Nobody every walked out of a club with a good recording. The Big Kids either get a connection to the house mixer or use special shotgun microphones and hardware roll-off filters to avoid that boom problem. Your ears know how to deal with that during the show. Microphones just fall over.


What normally happens is the recorder overloads and gives cracking, popping and crunchy sound.
You’re dead. There’s no tool or filter for that.


Thank You for getting back to me. Yeah there a band just starting and they use Olympus LS-10 and a Tascam Handheld.

NPR used to use Tascams. You should know that many high-end recorders have a Low-Cut or High Pass Filter (same thing) setting available for just this kind of job.

I’m sure when you’re sitting in the club that it’s a sensation to have the bass move your shirt (I’ve seen people move closer to the bass cabinet during a show), but it doesn’t make good recordings, or it makes good recordings in the same sense as recording a Boeing jet take off.