Removing lyrics portion from song

I would like to remove the lyrics portion from a song and then dub in my voice singing the lyrics onto the song–Can this be done? If so, how? Thanks!

The best way is to look for someone offering a karaoke version of the song. The worst way is to try to take the vocals out yourself.

Audacity has Effect > Vocal Removal. It doesn’t actually know what a voice is. All it does is remove the left-right center of a stereo show where the vocal usually is. Unfortunately, the drums and bass are also usually there and they go, too. Also, the tool doesn’t remove stereo vocal effects.

This is the kind of thing that usually happens:

Some songs do work very well. Those are the songs that end up on the YouTube tutorials explaining how to do this. Note they never publish more than one song. If you tried this trick with their song, yours would work, too.