Removing just vocals

Is there a way to remove it so I can sing along with the background music? If not in Audacity, is there another way to do this?

EDIT: I know there are some pay ones out there from looking at other sites but does anyone know of a free one?

This will work with some recordings:

Note that this is rarely possible with mp3’s because mp3s usually mess up the stereo separation.

Here’s a little bit wider field, but the bottom two aren’t free.

Center Pan Remover (Voice Remover–Search the page for “Center Pan Remover”)

Voice Isolator (Opposite of Center Pan Remover)
Voice Trap
Extra Boy

This is one of those problems where the need exists by almost everyone, and so the software exists–but that doesn’t mean it works well. And most of the time, it doesn’t. The process is brittle. There’s a very long list of things that can go wrong and spoil the process. The singers aren’t in the middle, they have stereo echo added to their voices, they’re highly compressed and the MP3 messes things up, etc. Long list.

By the way, one other downside is that Everything In The Middle goes, not just the voices. Drums? Gone. Bass Guitar? History.

Have fun.