Removing intermittent high volume sounds

I have a track that has a few high volume peaks that I would like to remove. Is there a simple way to remove these without going down in to the individual sample editor? (Perhaps something that could just clip things beyond a threshhold?)

What are those peaks? Is it a sound you want to hear?

Do you want to adjust the volume of the “lower” sound separately from the “peaky” sound?

You can try a Compressor, but I don’t know how short those “peaky” segments are. You didn’t include the timeline in the photo. If the peaks are too short, the compressor will miss them.

I think I see what he’s saying… of not then my question is hopefully similar enough to tag on to this thread…

What if he just wanted to blanket chop everything below -0.5 and not effect any of the other softer tones. Just basically draw a line across the whole file at -0.5 and anything above it doesn’t get modified, but anything below it just disappears…

Is something to that effect possible? I’m I incorrect in thinking the compressor also effect the other tones and not just the peaks?

Yes, you can do that, gehang. The effect is called Hard Limiter, it’s part of the LADSPA plugins pack.

Alternately you can just Amplify the signal by about 12 - 15 dB to get the same effect in this case.

But there’s a big caveat. This will introduce an insane amount of clipping into those peaks. While this will reduce the volume of those peaks, it might actually increase the loudness of them. Loudness and Volume are two different concepts in the audio world. If by Hard Limiting them down you introduce alot of high frequency junk into the audio, it might actually sound louder than it did before.

Without knowing more about the nature of those sounds, I can’t say for sure what’s going on. It looks scary to me, but looks are often deceiving in the audio world.