Removing High Pitched Humming


First thing I did a lot of looking around for an answer to this problem and have tried several possible solution, but so far nothing has worked correctly. I was recording something with a friend and his audio has this high pitched humming going on in the background the entire time. I originally thought I’d be able to remove it with the noise removal tool but all that seems to be doing is lowering it a bit in the silence but it’s still all there when he’s talking. I’m honestly still pretty novice when it comes to using Audacity and really audio editing and recording in general. Below is a link to a sample of the audio I’m talking about. If anyone could point me in the right direction to either remove or drastically reduce the presence of this humming I’d be grateful. We’ve got about an hour of audio all with that happening, that I’m trying not to have to re-record.

On the bright side I figured out the cause, unfortunately it was after we were done recording.

Anyway here is a link to the audio sample It’s just shy of 10 seconds, so if you need anything longer please just let me know, and thank in advanced for any help or advice.

On the bright side I figured out the cause

This is a forum, not a help desk. How did you cure it?

We haven’t had spectacular luck getting rid of computer whine in performances. The sound has tones in the same places as human voices. Reduce the noise and your voice turns to trash.

Make sure you get the Noise Reduction Profile from a portion of the show that’s Noise Only. No voices or other background sound. Then it’s juggle the settings until you can get it as good as you can. A common mistake is trying to turn your ratty show into a studio performance. That’s not going to happen. Many times the best you can do is gently reduce the noise a little without damaging the rest of the show.