removing gargle from tape recording

While I was transferring an old cassette tape of a live performance to my computer, the tape player chewed up a bit of the tape (about 13 seconds worth on each side out of a total of nearly 60 minutes). I re-captured it with Audacity using another tape deck and got all the music in. Is there any way of correcting the gargle in those 13 seconds using Audacity and appropriate filters? I have tried amplification / compressor etc. I run Audacity 1.3.x on a Mac (10.4.11). Thank you.

No, not with Audacity or any other program. The best that you can do is to patch up the damage. Depending on the music you may be able to copy a similar section and replace the damaged section, or just cut out the damaged bit. By cross-fading the join you may be able to make the repair virtually “invisible”.

Thanks for the very fast reply. I feared as much.
I didn’t do anything to it in the end and just burned it to a cd. Any cure I attempted would probably have been worse than the disease in any case… :slight_smile: