Removing Effects

My band is trying to record a demo. We nailed the drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and lead vocals. After I finished the vox, I put the echo effect on them. When I played it back, the echo was on all the tracks and I could not figure out how to remove it. I have tried everything I can possibly think of and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any experience with this? I could use some help. Thank you.

I don’t think Audacity applies effects in Virtual Space. It actually changes the music data. So the echo is burned into the song now and the only way out is File > UNDO.

Audacity Projects do not save UNDO.

If that fails, you need to go back to the protection WAV copies you made of the original music capture on the day of the performance.


You can’t take echo out of anything. Echo is the wrong place is one of the good ways to kill your show. Koz