Removing Echo from Imported Mp3

I recently recorded a Skype call to use for my podcast.
when I imported it into Audacity, the caller had an echo, probably due to some incorrect settings on my mixer.
Is there any way that I could process the file to at least Minimize the echo?
Thanks for any suggestions!

<<<echo, probably due to some incorrect settings on my mixer.>>>

Maybe, but VOIP phone calls have echoes just as a standard feature. Regular phone service is more or less instantaneous from end to end and so you can do tricks like sidetone and echo balance. Not so VOIP calls. Because of packet delays and reassembly, you’re always talking into a dead piece of plastic and echoes can be half-second long or worse. It can be the worst thing about VOIP calls. You start talking funny to avoid the echoes and the person at the other end thinks you’re on drugs.

You can create echoes locally by trying to record an incoming signal and the computer’s Mix Out at the same time. Mix Out has to go through the whole computer once before it appears, so it’s always late compared to, for example, Line-In.

And you do need to address this at the capture step because you can’t address it later in post production. Since echoes are the performer’s own voice arriving twice, one later than the other, you are asking the software to remove the actor from himself. I don’t know any software that will do that.


Is it possible to remove echoes on an mp3?

I have an song which was originally recorded with a noticeable echo, and was wondering if there was some possible way to reduce it. Any help would be much appreciated :smiley:


And will probably stay that way until you re-record it without the echo. Echoes and “live rooms” are still pretty deadly. If you find software that can even approximately do that, write back. Doesn’t have to be Audacity. Any software, anywhere.