Removing directories

Using Audacity 2.06 on Windows 8.1. Trying to upload music file with AIFF extension to for publication. Receiving error message from Createspace: “Your upload file cannot contain folders or directories.” Createspace support refuses to help. My question: Can Audacity help me to remove directories from my file? Thank you.

Do you really have Audacity 2.06? That’s a bogus version.

Hi, Thanks for responding. I checked again and it says 2.0.6 (I had omitted one dot. Does that make a difference?)

What does this have to do with “making music”? Createspace seems to be about publishing books. And they should provide their own support. If not, insist on a refund.

According to you should be uploading AIFF files in a ZIP file. If you have not zipped the files, then that is the problem.

Please use the Createspace support resources for further assistance.


Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have used a “zip” file. (Repeatedly.) How many times have I uploaded my file? Lost track. Multiple times.
Actually Createspace publishes CDs, as well as books. I have published many books with them, but this was my first CD attempt.
Their customer support could not or would not help. I contacted them about 8 times.
And so, I searched the internet, first, and then, in desperation, I tried to ask the Audacity community.
The only possible answer I have received is to try a different music software, other than Audacity. I hate to do that but may have to try it.
I note that 28 people have logged in here and so there must be others with this same problem.
The good news is that in the process I have learned a lot about Audacity and how to use it for other projects. Thanks.

That is not Audacity’s fault. Have you tried asking at their community

Why would it make any difference, unless the error you see is specious and means something else?

Have you tried another ZIP tool?

Are you sure the AIFF is stereo, 16-bit, 44100 Hz? Do all your tracks start with a number?