Removing differences added on top of the same track

Hi, I’ve got a bit of a variant on the “how can I separate the instrumentals” problem…

I’ve got a track from a cartoon that loops the same background music track three times, with additional audio (sound effects, etc.) mixed on top of it (it’s a different set of sound effects played each time the track is played).

Is there any way to detect the parts of the track that are the same (i.e. the music), and so then remove the sound effects that have been added, leaving just the music? (I’ve tried to track down the music, and it was purely made for this episode, so it’s the only source, and not possible to get an unmixed copy).

I can’t find any plugins that would let me do this, and was wondering how much work it would be to write one (surely in theory it must be possible to detect common elements between the waveforms if the three instances of the track are synced up)? Are there any online communities out there of audio engineers etc. who might have the expertise to help guide a project like this?

If the tracks are exactly lined up, one above the other, then inverting one of them (Effect menu > Invert) and then mixing the two tracks to a new track (Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and render to new track), will create a new track that has silences in all of the places where the audio in the first track was identical to the audio in the second track.

Not automatically, but the above technique will show where two tracks are identical, and you can use that information as a template for cut and paste editing of the tracks.