Removing dead air at the end of a recording

I recorded a podcast that is 01:25:00 minutes long. When I export it and convert it to an .mp3 file and then upload it to the Buzzsprout hosting platform, its length is 02:09:00. WAY longer than the actual audio recording! I’ve tried using the "“Truncate Silence” effect but it doesn’t work. Advice on how to get rid of the extra 35 minutes of dead air at the end of the recording?

Thank you!

Select the unwanted silence, then press the scissors button …

WAY longer than the actual audio recording!

See, that’s ringing alarm bells right there. You have no idea how your one and a half hour podcast exported as a two hour sound file?

Does it do it again? Do you get the same files with the same show if you export it again?

It’s highly recommended you save your Edit Master as a WAV (Microsoft) sound file and only then export a lesser quality MP3 or whatever else you want. The problem comes if you want to do anything else with your show. You can’t edit an MP3 into another MP3 without the compression sound damage going up.


There is a way to lop off the extra work without damage, just not in Audacity. You can use one of the pure MP3 Editors.

Scroll down.