Removing Clicks (But I come with a picture! ;) )

I know this is one of those oft-asked questions. So to begin with, yes, I’ve looked through the archives, and no, that click removal software on the sticky thread doesn’t work for me (I deal in 6 channel sound, which it rejects, for starters).

I have the following type of clicks (see attachment). Note that they’re not clipped - just random stark jumps from what’s going on. Obviously, “repair” works, but there’s far, far, far too many of these in each file to make that a feasible option. Audacity’s click removal tool does nothing to them.

Any ideas on how I might go about getting rid of these pesky buggers that make my some of my live-recording tracks totally unlistenable? Thanks :slight_smile:

I know this is one of those oft-asked questions.

Actually, nobody has ever asked about clicks in a 6-track show before.

Most of the click removal stuff has to do with transferring vinyl and is the result of cat-hairs in the groove, so unless you have a cat these tools aren’t going to work for you. The character of the click will be different.

Do you know what the clicks are from? That may give us a clue what to do. It looks like you get one click across all the tracks, yes? Koz

Is this a one-off show? You’ve been doing this successfully for months and this one and only show had a data transfer problem? Koz