Removing certian noises

I made a trip to a drag strip recently and a friend took video from the starting line. while going down the track, the next car inline started his burn out, which over powered everything.
my car, getting close to 1/4mi away is not very loud to the camera, but with no other noises, it would be audible.

Is it possible to remove the other persons engine/tire noise, while keeping the rest?

Short answer, no.
If you want a longer answer please ask :wink:

thank you. i was figuring that was the case.
is there software that is able to do things like this?

Only in films and TV.

ok, thank you for your help!

Have you seen in spy films where the hero goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower when his room is bugged so that the baddies can’t hear what he’s saying? That part is quite realistic. The shower makes “broadband noise” (wide range of frequencies) that masks his voice. If the broadband noise is as loud or louder than the sound that it is masking it is not possible to remove the noise without also removing or severely distorting the other sound.

Very low level constant noise can be removed quite effectively with the Noise Removal effect. The lower the noise level, the better the effect works. With loud noise it does not work.