Removing certain sounds

So I am very new to all of this audio and video editing. I just started a small YouTube channel to help drive sales to my online store and I am having a hard time using Audacity for my intended purposes. For my channel, I open booster packs of the card game Magic the Gathering. When opened, the packs sound like firecrackers going off and are audibly upsetting. I made a sound dampening board to cut down the noise, but I still have about 10 videos from before the board that have the awful sound. A friend told me that there is an option on Audacity to record a specific sound that you would like to eliminate. You can then have it go over your audio and dampen any sounds that fit the profile of the recording. Is this [possible? An if so, how do I do it?

I think you need Audacity’s envelope tool to reduce the volume of the sound at certain points in time …

Envelope will reduce all the sounds, not just the crackling.

You’ll need a video editing program like Avidemux to transplant the modified Audio back into a copy of the video.