Removing blank audio in front of songs

While trying to remix a song in FL studio I realized that the tempo always felt delayed. I had synced the bpm so that wasn’t the issue it was with the original track itself. I put the audio into audacity to attempt to fix this issue. Realizing I had to remove the annoying .30 to .90 millisecond silence at the start. I get audacity for adding this for finished tracks and podcasts. However, when trying to sync songs and add instruments, .01 millisecond silence could make the whole song sound off. I highlighted the selected silence as best I could and saved the file. Still, a very noticeable delay when exporting to FL studio. It seems like even after manually cutting (getting the blank audio down to at most .10), a silence of around .40 milliseconds remained in the track upon saving. This means audacity itself was automatically, without request, adding its own silence to the track. :question: I tried adding truncate silence but that wouldn’t have worked even if it did haha. It must have a minimum duration value of .5 and I need 0.000. There are no Reddit posts or youtube videos that address this issue I don’t understand. It is impossible to remix any song with audacity doing this…Every time I try to search for this issue on the forum, the site crashes. This whole thing has made me so aggravated. It’s such a simple issue. Yet the solution is impossible to find. Any response would be so so helpful. I get this was not purposely done to send its users wasting their weekend trying to get rid of milliseconds in an audio clip. I’m sure I will feel like an idiot when the answer becomes apparent. :laughing:

I’ll bet you’re exporting as MP3 (or another lossy format). Added silence to the beginning and end is a characteristic of MP3. Try exporting as WAV. You really shouldn’t be doing production in a lossy format anyway. If you want MP3, save/export as MP3 as the final step.

I got the audio from youtube, which only allows MP3 files. Is there another way to get the original audio as a WAV? I’m guessing if the original audio isn’t WAV then converting it to WAV wouldn’t add the quality back to the file. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.

You’re correct. Converting to WAV will not add the quality back, but it will allow you to trim off the leading silence.

Youtube offers other formats besides MP3 which may be more suitable, such as Opus. Opus is a more modern codec (and is currently one of the best available) that doesn’t have the sort of issues that MP3 does. (Of course, if the video was originally uploaded with mid- or low-quality MP3 audio, the Opus versions may actually sound worse than MP3 due to the conversion between two vastly different formats.)