Removing Bass from V Festival MP3 recording

I was as at the V festival last weekend and have got a lot of video, from which I have extracted MP3 files. However the sound has a lot of bass on it which is distorting the output in quite a few instances. I have had a look on here and there is a suggestion to use the equilizer and put in a curve which is lower on the left hand side and higher on the right. I have done this and there seems to be no difference.

Any suggestions?


That’s because what you think you need and what you actually need are different. Very few people taking videos at rock concerts walk away with good or even marginal sound tracks. The bass sound at a rock concert can be measured with earthquake instruments and the poor little microphone on top of the camera doesn’t have a chance.

Once the microphone itself overloads, it takes all the rest of the instruments with it.

In Audacity 1.3, you might try Effect > Hi Pass Filter, and try values of 100 Hz, 150 Hz and 200 Hz. The boomy bass will go away, but the crunchy, distorted guitars and voices are permanent.