Removing background talking from recorded music clip?

So guys, I recorded a few audio clips from the 70’s show “Little house on the prairie”. I did so by coming out of the TV’s Headphone jack into my laptop and recorded it in Audacity then exported the file as mp3.

While the music was playing in the tv show there was some background noises like people talking, animals making noise e.t.c. I am wondering if it might be possible in any way for me to remove all of the background noises and leave only the music please?

remove all of the background noises

Not in Audacity, no. You can recognize music because you’re a human. To Audacity, those are all just sounds and it can’t tell which ones are music. This is the same problem people have when they record a concert from the audience. Extra noises.


You’re going to have a different problem, too. You can only make an MP3 once. If you change the sound and make a new MP3, the second MP3 may have audible compression distortion. The first one had compression distortion, too, but the first one is carefully adjusted so you can’t hear it. The second MP3 doubles the damage and it gets worse the more you do it.

You can work around this by making WAV recordings of the first performance rather than an MP3.

You can’t make a WAV later and cancel out the distortions. MP3 gets its tiny files by rearranging musical tones and leaving some of them out. Once they’re gone, that’s it.


Oh I see. Well, there isn’t any distortion to remove so I guess will need to leave as is, appreciate the info.