Removing background noises from video

I shoot videos using canon camera with attached Boya M1 mic. Yesterday, I shot about 10 short video clips (forming parts of about 3 minutes long video) and imported them into imovie for editing. I found there are some very annoying background noises in the video clips, especially at the start of each clip.

I have downloaded Audicity app on my mac to remove the background noises. But I am bogged down about how & where to start. Please the members advise me about the process. Will appreciate if it’s explained in simple step-by-step.

Thanks & Regards… Renu Bakshi

What are the noises? Audacity can’t do anything about background sounds that change. We can’t get rid of music, traffic noises, or other voices.

Are you photographing an announcer performing for the camera?

Even with the Boya microphone, you can’t go into noisy environments and get a clean recording. Recordings are better with a close-up microphone, but it won’t turn a street scene into a studio.

Post some of the noisy recording. Include the performer’s voice and then the background sound by itself if possible. Use WAV format sound files, not MP3 or other compressed formats.

If your camera has a built-in microphone, make sure you’re recording from the Boya and not the built-in…or both. Gently scratch the boya and then the built-in. Only the Boya sound should be loud.

There are ways to record in noisy locations, but they’re not cheap. He’s holding about a thousand dollars.


You can attenuate the volume of the track in places using Audcaity’s envelope tool.