Removing background noise

I was wondering if it was possible to remove a background noise in an audio clip. The kind of audio clip I’m trying to edit is an audio clip from a sports game. I want to take out the refs whistle. In a video they made of the game a week later they manage to take out the whistle. But I don’t know how to do it.

I could upload a couple of samples if required.

You could replace the bit of crowdsound with the ref’s whistle, with a bit of crowdsound without the ref’s whistle, i.e. dub it …

a. To transfer (recorded material) onto a new recording medium.
b. To copy (a record or tape).
2. To insert a new soundtrack, > often a synchronized translation of the original dialogue, into (a film).
3. To add (sound) into a film or tape: dub in strings behind the vocal.


They managed to use the clean track they already had without the whistle. Ball games are produced with 8 foot long, multi-channel sound consoles in crowded trucks and the audio operator produces “Mix Minus” feeds for use later in post production. All that was required was to press play on the track that didn’t have the whistle in it.


So they have two tracks? One with the whistle and one without the whistle? Is there any way to cover it up with crowd noise? I am able to remove voice from the audio but don’t know how to remove other sounds.

I think they’ve even managed to take out the whistle from audio that is over 20 years old…

<<<So they have two tracks? >>>

Think World Class.

Spanish Track, English Track, Clean Crowd Track, Effects Track, Commentary, Commercial Outtake Track, and, since I did this last time, 3.1 surround and some newer trucks are outfitted with 5.1 surround. That last happened along with the HiDef tape machines. Standard Def tape machines only had four AES-EBU sound tracks.

<<<I think they’ve even managed to take out the whistle from audio that is over 20 years old…>>>

My group put the multi track audio consoles in the network studios in 1988.


So what you’re saying is, with all this technology on this earth, I cannot remove, cover up or even dim the whistle noise? What about getting voice from an audio track.

Also with your last comment, I don’t get that. Are you saying they have been able to remove the whistle from the audio because your group put them consoles in network studios in 88? Because I’m talking about games from 1980, 81, 82, 83, etc.


No, I’m saying the trucks had multi-track as early as that and produced whistle-less tracks during the game. Before that, they didn’t have microphones on the field. In both cases the ball game is available with no whistle. No removal needed.


Unfortunately, only one is available here unless I know someone that has that audio. Only people I know of are Channel 9 and as far as I know, they won’t give me that version, I think. Isn’t it against the rules to give that out to people?

Are there any ways to quiet the whistle down at all and cover that up with music?

Did you try that clever editing trick from above where you select the whistle and Edit > Silence. Select and copy and a snippet of crowd noise and lay it into the hole left by the Silence tool. Repeat for each whistle.

You can lay the new crowd snippet on a second timeline and fade it in and out or move it around. That’s how some video editors work. If you have a music bed running at the same time, that will be challenging, although most games wouldn’t have music during game play which is when the whistle is likely to happen.

You can also do this with two timelines and the envelope tools.