Removing Background Noise from Recording

I am trying to remove some weird background noise from my recording. It sounds like a fan or something is in the background but the weird thing is, that there are no fans on in my house and I am currently recording in my closet. The closet space is surrounded by sound absorption sheets that I bought online on ebay. Ive tried so many things and have come out simple perplexed. Is this a microphone issue? Is it the house itself?

My Equipment:
MXL 2006 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
2i2 Scarlet Focusrite Audio Interface
Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop w/ Windows 10
Audio Technica ATH-M20x

Things I have tried:
Noise Reduction
Noise Gate
Mosquito Killer

ACX Check:
I did pass the check but I’m worried that the background noise is still way too noticable.

Raw Audio(Only edits include de-breathing and getting rid of mouth noises ):

Audio after trying everything:

The constant-noise is 60Hz mains-hum & a few of its harmonics.

120Hz looks the worst offender, but 360Hz actually sounds louder

Notching-out 360Hz alone is sufficient IMO.

Notch-filter suggested settings.png
[ BTW don’t bother with Mosquito Killer, you don’t need it : it will only do harm in this case ].

But you’re right, it would be good not to have to do that.

You can get hum like that from desk or other lamps. I had an early LED desk lamp that make a really quiet buzzing noise. Any fluorescent lamp can do that.

I need to look at your equipment list again, but can you do a test recording on laptop batteries? Disconnect the power cord completely.

Do it to this format.

I have a power supply brick for a sound mixer that causes electrical hum if I get the microphone too close.


Did you get the spidery shock mount with the microphone? If you knock the microphone with your knuckle, does it juggle a little?

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 15.31.56.png
If you did get the shock mount, does your sound cable have a gentle bend or loop in it? The cable should not be tight. That can transmit noises from the floor or desk.


Even if you do “fix it in post” (with filters or notches) you may have to do that to all the chapters. ACX needs the chapters to match. So it’s really good for us to find the problem now.


Oh. Cool. It’s not simple hum. It’s pulsing. MUMmmmMUMmmmMUMmmmMUMmmm

That is so electric motor or pump noise.

Tell you what. Post that “clean” test reading. Don’t do anything to it. I can hear your pop suppression although overall your presentation and voice is terrific. Those filters and corrections can affect our analysis.

And answer the questions in that list.