Removing applause and whistles

Hi, I have a track that was only ever recorded live that I would like to be played at my wedding, however there is some appause at the beginning and end, and also ripples during. The is also 2 or 3 whistles during which I would like to remove. I have cropped and faded the beginning which is OK now but it is the ripples and whistles and also the applause at the end which I would like to remove. Is this possible please ?


If the whistle occurs during applause only, (no music, no speech), it is possible to simply cut it out (delete) without an obvious audible join using Audacity’s “repair” function to make a smooth join, e.g. …

However if you cut a bit of audio out, (the whistle), it will put the subsequent audio out of sync with the video. You could substitute the whistle with a bit of applause taken from elsewhere on the recording, that would maintain synchronisation with the video, but would be trickier to get away with without an obviously audible edit.

If the whistle is much louder than the applause you could reduce its volume to the same as the applause using the envelope tool , this would not remove the whistle just make it less intrusive, (synchronisation with video would be preserved).

Why did you assume a video recording?

You’re right, no mention of video in the original post, but they did mention that it was a wedding.

I suspect that video recording of weddings will be more common than sound only recordings.

Thanks for the replies. It is an audio track that I would like to be played at my wedding, it is not a video. I will give the envelope function a try as the whistles are during the track. This is the link to the track on youtube, I have the track on CD which is what I am trying to manipulate.

Now I get it : it’s not a recording of a wedding, it’s a song you want to play at a wedding.

Isn’t that song available on a Matt Cardle / X-factor download/album ?, (presumably without whistling or applause) .