removing annoying chirp

Windows 10, V. 2.2.0
In the attached files (one post, one raw only rms normalized) you can hear a little chirp about 4 or 5 times. This isn’t unusual and I am often able to EQ them out, but this clip seems to have more than usual, and it’s a painstaking task to find each one, select the absolute minimum clip size (one second-ish). Is there an easier way to remove them or better yet avoid them? Not sure what’s causing it.

You say “raw”, but it sounds like noise-reduction has been applied, (e.g. the “q” of “quite”), possibly by the computer before the sound got into Audacity. If that’s the case then you should switch-off that noise-reduction (and all other) audio “enhancements” applied by Windows.

I’ll have to check it again. I thought I hadn’t done anything to it yet except normalizing it since it’s recorded pretty low. I don’t have any windows enhancements enabled. Is it likely the noise reduction that causes the artifacts then?

They can be enabled by default : if that’s the case you have to opt-out and disable them.

The only other thing I can think of which could cause chirp/squeak noises like that are miss-matched sample rates.
Before recording again*, try changing the project-rate in Audacity from the default 44100Hz to 48000Hz.

[ * this will not remove chirps in recordings you’ve already made ].

The “Raw” clip has had processing applied. That wine glass, bad cellphone sound.

We can take this the other direction, voice processing sounds like that when it thinks it has work to do. Are you wearing good quality, sealed against your head headphones? If your system doesn’t lend itself to that, the other option is speak cold with no interaction at all, no speakers or headphones. Do you have the computer speakers running while you announce?

Are you partially deaf? I bet I can create sounds like this by having my headphones up too loud and some of the sound is leaking out past the muffs to the microphone.

I know this seems wacky, but can you make it worse? If you can change it either direction, that will give us a terrific clue.

Do you have software trying to help you? Do you use Skype or other chat or gaming software? Skype is famous for changing the computer sound service do what it wants rather than what you want.

Do you like to record internet sound? You can get very serious problems by recording from special recording software rather than an actual hardware thing. Try this. Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording > Device. It should be a real thing. For example, mine right now says “Built-In Input” which is a little round socket on the back of my Mac. I can look at it and touch it. I have a USB microphone which looks like “USB Audio CODEC.” That’s its digital name. > OK.

If I disconnect this microphone and Transport > Rescan…

Then look for it again.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording > Device

That name will vanish.


Are you shocked that one of the recommendations is stop using the computer to record.