removing a preexisting click-track...


I have recently acquired some drumless playalong tracks that have an annoying cowbell click-track that I would love to remove. I have experimented with Noise Reduction (I selected a discrete cowbell click at the beginning and made it the Noise Profile, and then played around with the Noise Reduction setting, but the results are unsatisfactory). I’ve also played around with the Click Removal feature, but that doesn’t get the job done.

Is there any other way I could reduce or eliminate this preexisting click in the audio file?

Thanks in advance.

It’s almost always true we can’t split a mixed show into individual voices, instruments, or sounds.


thanks, I figured as much. I’d be willing to sacrifice some of the overall sound quality to reduce the cowbell, but it appears the only way to get close is thru the Noise Reduction feature. Is there anything else I could try? thx.